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There are many elements to consider when purchasing window treatments. Because of all of the numerous choices, window treatment selection can be overwhelming. There are basically three reasons for applying window coverings:

Privacy - This is the most common need for window coverings. These are windows that need to be closed some of the time. Perhaps it is to close the windows to sleep, bathe, change clothes, or relax in a room and not feel like the neighbors can see you. There are many ways of achieving privacy. The most popular would be to install some type of window shade product.



The Candace Sveda Interior design studio is a distributor of Hunter Douglas window systems. There are numerous products that are both decorative and create privacy. Our designers will assist the homeowner in selecting the best product for their individual application. We do the measuring and have professional installers to properly install each treatment.


Sun Control - Homeowners go to great lengths to have as many windows installed as possible. Because of glare and heat exposure to the sun, homeowners also have to spend a considerable amount of money to cover the windows they spent so much effort to have installed.

There are numerous shade products designed specifically to cut down on glare and ultra violet rays

Our designers can make the proper recommendation for such shade products.


Decorative Window Treatments - These are the 'icing on the cake'. These treatments are created to enhance the entire interior of the room. These don't necessarily close. In many cases they are to provide color, or create height. There are usually several options such as style, fabric selection, rod style and proportion. They can be simple or complex, they can have multiple layers.

We have found that one of the most effective ways to design this type of treatment is to take a digital photo of the existing window. We then overlay the photo with tracing paper where we draw the proposed design. This is a practical way to illustrate to our customer what their windows can look like with the proper treatment. Once the treatment is designed, fabric selections must be made. The details need to be worked out. We provide our clients and the drapery workroom a detailed drawing of each window treatment. Last but not least, we supervise the treatment being installed by our professional installer.

Shown below are some additional window design examples.